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With the extreme popularity of Web and online social networks, a large amount of personal information has been made available over the Internet. On the other hand, advances in information retrieval, data mining and knowledge discovery technologies have enabled users to efficiently satisfy their information needs over the Internet or from large-scale data(More)
The dynamic processes of formatting long-term memory traces in the cortex are poorly understood. The investigation of these processes requires measurements of task-evoked neuronal activities from large numbers of neurons over many days. Here, we present a two-photon imaging-based system to track event-related neuronal activity in thousands of neurons(More)
Conventional database access control models have difficulties in dealing with big data, especially for the features of volume, variety and velocity. To address the problem, we introduce the Content-based Access Control (CBAC) model for content-centric information sharing. As a complement to conventional models, CBAC makes access control decisions based on(More)
With the development of information technology, online social networks grow dramatically. They now play a significant role in people's social life, especially for the younger generation. While huge amount of information is available in online social networks, privacy concerns arise. Among various privacy protection proposals, the notions of <i>privacy as(More)
Information Flow Studies analyze the principles and mechanisms of social information distribution and is an essential research topic in social networks. Traditional approaches are primarily based on the social network graph topology. However, topology itself can not accurately reflect the user interests or activities. In this paper, we adopt a(More)
In conventional database access control models, access control policies are explicitly specified for each role against each data object. In large-scale content-centric data sharing, it might be difficult to explicitly identify accessible records for each role/user, especially when the semantic content of data is expected to play a role in access decisions.(More)
In the context of climate change and energy crisis around the world, an increasing amount of attention has been paid to developing clean energy and improving energy efficiency. The penetration of distributed generation (DG) is increasing rapidly on the user’s side of an increasingly intelligent power system. This paper proposes an optimization method for(More)
Automatic social circle detection in ego-networks is becoming a fundamentally important task for social network analysis, which can be used for privacy protection or interest group recommendation. So far, most studies focused on how to detect overlapping circles or how to perform detection using both network structure and its node profiles. This paper asks(More)