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Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are recently identified lymphocytes that limit infection and promote tissue repair at mucosal surfaces. However, the pathways underlying ILC development remain unclear. Here we show that the transcription factor NFIL3 directs the development of a committed bone marrow precursor that differentiates into all known ILC lineages.(More)
MOTIVATION In silico prediction of drug-target interactions plays an important role toward identifying and developing new uses of existing or abandoned drugs. Network-based approaches have recently become a popular tool for discovering new drug-target interactions (DTIs). Unfortunately, most of these network-based approaches can only predict binary(More)
Simulation of a large integrated (street/freeway) network with three state-of-the art software is presented. The 20 centerline km network includes three on-ramps, three off-ramps, an on/off-ramp weaving section, and a high design arterial with nine signalized intersections. All three software were able to replicate field measured volumes well, after(More)
Big-data storage poses significant challenges to anonymization of sensitive information against data sniffing. Not only will the encryption bandwidth be limited by the I/O traffic, the transfer of data between the processor and the memory will also expose the input-output mapping of intermediate computations on I/O channels that are susceptible to(More)
MicroRNAs are a class of small RNAs that are important in post-transcriptional gene regulation in animals and plants. These single-stranded molecules are widely distributed in organisms and influence fundamental biological processes. Interestingly, recent studies have reported that diet-derived plant miRNAs could regulate mammalian gene expression, and(More)
There are many environmental factors taking ef- fects on the communication performance of routing protocols.However, in high-density urban areas, one of the important factors is vehicle-node density. This paper proposes the vehicle- node density parameter to improve the performance of AODV routing protocol and OLSR routing protocol under two typical mobile(More)
MOTIVATION Protein-RNA interactions, which play vital roles in many processes, are mediated through both RNA sequence and structure. CLIP-based methods, which measure protein-RNA binding in vivo, suffer from experimental noise and systematic biases, whereas in vitro experiments capture a clearer signal of protein RNA-binding. Among them, RNAcompete provides(More)
For successful bone tissue engineering, a scaffold needs to be osteoconductive, porous, and biodegradable, thus able to support attachment and proliferation of bone cells and guide bone formation. Recently, hydroxyapatites (HA), a major inorganic component of natural bone, and biodegrade polymers have drawn much attention as bone scaffolds. The present(More)
This paper presents a novel gradient correlation similarity (Gcs) measure-based decolorization model for faithfully preserving the appearance of the original color image. Contrary to the conventional data-fidelity term consisting of gradient error-norm-based measures, the newly defined Gcs measure calculates the summation of the gradient correlation between(More)