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Aromatic pollutants in the environments pose significant threat to human health due to their persistence and toxicity. Here, we report the design and comprehensive characterization of a set of aromatic biosensors constructed using green fluorescence protein as the reporter and aromatics-responsive transcriptional regulators, namely, NahR, XylS, HbpR, and(More)
Due to the ignorance by many researchers on the influence of starting microstructure on the metal release of biomedical materials in human body after implant, in this study, the effect of surface friction treatment on the in vitro release of the constituent elements of the biomedical Co-29Cr-6Mo-0.16N (CCM) alloy is investigated for the first time by(More)
The electrical conductivity of pure Cu powder is typically deteriorated at elevated temperatures due to the oxidation by forming non-conducting oxides on surface, while enhancing oxidation resistance via alloying is often accompanied by a drastic decline of electrical conductivity. Obtaining Cu powder with both a high electrical conductivity and a high(More)
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