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Acquirer-Target Social Ties and Merger Outcomes
This article investigates the effect of social ties between acquirers and targets on merger performance. We find that the extent of cross-firm social connection between directors and seniorExpand
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Ownership Structure and the Cost of Corporate Borrowing
This article identifies an important channel through which excess control rights affect firm value. Using a new, hand-collected data set on corporate ownership and control of 3,468 firms in 22Expand
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The Cost of Friendship
We investigate how personal characteristics affect people's desire to collaborate and whether this attraction enhances or detracts from performance in venture capital. We find that ventureExpand
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Corporate Ownership Structure and the Choice Between Bank Debt and Public Debt
This article examines the relation between a borrowing firm's ownership structure and its choice of debt source using a novel data set on corporate ownership, control, and debt structures for 9,831Expand
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The Client Is King: Do Mutual Fund Relationships Bias Analyst Recommendations?
This article investigates whether the business relations between mutual funds and brokerage firms influence sell-side analyst recommendations. Using a unique data set that discloses brokerage firms’Expand
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Empire-Building or Bridge-Building? Evidence from New CEOs' Internal Capital Allocation Decisions
This article investigates how the job histories of CEOs influence their capital allocation decisions when they preside over multidivisional firms. I find that, after CEO turnover, divisions notExpand
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Corporate Ownership Structure and Bank Loan Syndicate Structure
Using a novel data set on corporate ownership and control, we show that the divergence between the control rights and cash-flow rights of a borrowing firm's largest ultimate owner has a significantExpand
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Ownership Structure and Financial Constraints: Evidence from a Structural Estimation
This article examines the impact of the divergence between corporate insiders' control rights and cash-flow rights on firms' external finance constraints via generalized method of moments estimationExpand
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Bridge Building in Venture Capital-Backed Acquisitions
We study the role of common venture capital investors in alleviating asymmetric information between public acquirers and private venture capital-backed targets. We find that acquisition announcementExpand
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Gender Effects in Venture Capital
We explore gender differences in performance in a comprehensive sample of venture capital investments in the United States. We find that female venture capitalists significantly underperform theirExpand
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