Yuh-Pyng Shieh

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Mapping multiple virtual network (VN) requests with constraints on virtual nodes and virtual links into a shared substrate network presents a significant challenge and is an NP-hard problem. In this paper, we propose a heuristic node and link mapping algorithm that handles online VN requests. The node mapping algorithm selects a substrate node that(More)
This paper proposes a simple path diversity algorithm (SPDA) for Interdomain routing. The SPDA uses source routing to find an alternate path from a source to a destination, and allows flexible division of traffic over the best and alternate path. The SPDA comprises three steps. First, the BGP protocol is extended to allow the BGP routing table to save the(More)
The border gateway protocol (BGP) handles the task of establishing paths between autonomous systems (AS). As the BGP does not incorporate measures of round-trip time into the decision and does not provide path diversity for a destination, this study proposes a simple path diversity algorithm (SPDA) for interdomain routing. The SPDA comprises three steps.(More)
Multimedia services are typically much more sensitive to throughput, delay, and packet loss than traditional services. These parameters give technical performances of the network but they do not reveal QoS perceived by users. Hence, how to capture users’ overall perceptions when they are using network services is an important issue. In this paper,(More)