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K is a high-level knowledge base programming language for doing general computation as well as for defining, querying, and manipulating databases in nontraditional application domains. The main features of K are: (i) knowledge abstraction facilities for supporting an extensible object-oriented semantic association knowledge model, (ii) a modularization(More)
The OSAM*.KBMS is a knowledge-base management system, or the so-called next-generation database management system, for non-traditional data/knowledge-intensive applications. In order to define, query, and manipulate a knowledge base, as well as to write codes to implement any application system, we have developed an object-oriented knowledge-base(More)
VERSANT is the industry's leading object database management system (ODBMS) for developing applications in multiuser , dstribtrted environments. VERSANT ODBMS has an object-based client-server architecture which is particularly suitable for such complex applications as telecommunications, trartsporta-tions, and utilities network management systems. Because(More)
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