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This is the first part of a two-part paper in which we discuss the implementability of fairness notions in distributed systems where asynchronous processes interact via synchronous constructs—usually called multiparty interactions. In this part we present a criterion for fairness notions and show that if a fairness notion violates the criterion, then no(More)
Existing techniques for keyword/attribute search in structured P2P overlays suffer from several problems: unbalanced load, hot spots, fault tolerance, storage redundancy , and unable to facilitate ranking. In this paper, we present a general keyword index and search scheme for structured P2P networks that avoids these problems, and in which object insert,(More)
A <italic>first-order multiparty interaction</italic> is an abstraction mechanism that defines communication among a set of <italic>formal process roles</italic>. Actual processes participate in a first-order interaction by <italic>enroling</italic> into roles, and execution of the interaction can proceed when all roles are filled by distinct processes. As(More)