Yuh-Horng Wen

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This study presents an interactive airline network design procedure to facilitate bargaining interactions necessitated by international code-share alliance agreements. Code sharing involves partner airlines individually maximizing their own profits, while mutually considering overall profitability, traffic gains, and quality benefits for the markets in(More)
This study presents a systematic process combining traffic forecasting and data mining models for traffic information systems. Fuzzy c-means clustering model was developed for mining traffic flow-speed-occupancy relationships, then to extrapolate traffic information. The hybrid grey-based recurrent neural network (G-RNN) was developed for traffic parameter(More)
This study develops a travel time estimation process by integrating a missing data treatment and data-fusion-based approaches. In missing data treatment, this study develops a grey time-series model and a grey-theory-based pseudo-nearest-neighbor method to recover, respectively, temporal and spatial missing values in traffic detector data sets. Both spatial(More)
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