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AIM To develop classification criteria for Chinese pulse diagnosis and to objectify the ancient diagnostic technique. METHODS Chinese pulse curves are treated as wave signals. Multidimensional variable analysis is performed to provide the best curve fit between the recorded Chinese pulse waveforms and the collective Gamma density functions. RESULTS(More)
This paper deals with a 12-phase synchronous generator with open-circuit fault of diode rectifier. Considering all space harmonics of air-gap magnetic field and the changing circuit topology, the mathematical model of the system is established based on the multiloop theory of machine. A series of experiments have been conducted on a 4-kW 12-phase(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the diagnosis and therapy of chylous reflux and external chylous fistula. METHODS All of 6 patients were diagnosed with direct lymphagiography, lymphscintigraphy. Among them, 2 patients received CT after direct lymphagiography. Retroperitoneal lymphangiectomy plus lymph-vein shunting was performed in 5 patients, and retroperitoneal(More)
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