Yugo Nishikawa

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This paper presents a high-speed, high-sensitivity 512times512 CMOS image sensor with column parallel cyclic 12-bit ADCs and a global electronic shutter. Each pixel has a charge amplifier for high charge-to-voltage conversion gain despite of using a large-size photodiode, and two sample-and-hold stages for the global shutter and fixed pattern noise (FPN)(More)
This paper presents a high-speed CMOS image sensor with a global electronic shutter and 12b column parallel cyclic A/D converters. The fabricated chip in 0.25mum CMOS imager technology achieves the full frame rate in excess of 3500 frames per second. The in-pixel charge amplifier achieves the optical sensitivity of 19.9V/lx middot s and the dynamic range of(More)
In order to process non-factoid questions in NTCIR6 QAC, we introduced two types of approaches. First one has a monolithic architecture that retrieves answer passages related to a question using lexical chain. The other one has a type-by-type architecture and consists of four subsystems: i) the subsystem for definitional and other-type questions, ii) the(More)
In this paper, we propose a parallel image compression system for high-speed cameras. The proposed compression circuits are based on a 4/spl times/4-point 2-dimensional DCT using a DA method, zigzag scanning of 4 blocks of the 2-D DCT coefficients and a 1-dimensional Huffman coding. The compression engine is designed with FPGAs, and the hardware complexity(More)
A cyclic analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with pixel noise and column-wise offset canceling for CMOS image sensors is presented. By adding cross connection switches to a cyclic ADC, a column-wise fixed pattern noise due to the amplifier's offset variations is greatly reduced. The proposed ADC also acts as a pixel noise canceller The ADC is optimized with(More)
An operational amplifier configuration implemented as a true micropower high precision op amp is described. It includes a well controlled and predictable DC biasing network that is insensitive to variations in temperature, supply voltages, and process. Also, it permits single supply operation. Excellent DC precision characteristics, comparable to or better(More)
between the act ivi t ies and other various l iver funct ion tests except for t ransaminases . (~'=0.60) 3) The pa t te rns of fa t ty acids specificity in esterification of C14-cholesteroI were closely resemble to the fa t ty acid composit ion of cholesterol es ters in added serum. From these obtained resul ts it is considered tha t the l iver might be the(More)
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