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Stroke is a medical emergency and can cause a neurological damage, affecting the motor and sensory systems. Harnessing brain plasticity should make it possible to reconstruct the closed loop between the brain and the body, i.e., association of the generation of the motor command with the somatic sensory feedback might enhance motor recovery. In order to aid(More)
The present study investigates how a conversational agent can facilitate explanation activity. An experiment was conducted where pairs of participants, who were enrolled in a psychology course, engaged in a task of explaining to their partners the meanings of concepts of technical terms taught in the course. During the task, they interacted with a(More)
1. Purpose We report here on the competition held at the annual conference of the Japan Society of Computer Aided Diagnosis of Medical Images. The purpose of the competition is to boost the development of computer-aided diagnosis systems for three dimensional (3D) CT images of liver in an effort to improve the detection of hepatic cellular carcinoma (HCC).(More)
The presented study is concerned with one aspect of the effect of a "whistleblower" or a person arousing or informing a different perspective on a collaborative problem-solving task. Its purpose is to find out, through an experiment, how a whistle-blower (which we called "Maverick") affects the facilitation of a breakthrough in a rule-discovery task. In the(More)
No part of this journal may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher, except for noncommercial, educational use including classroom teaching purposes. Product or company names used in this journal are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate(More)
The study investigates learning activities of students making explanations about a key concept in an online system with a Pedagogical Conversational Agent providing (1) facilitation on learners' explanations from various views and (2)social facilitation prompts of other members in the classroom. A total of 314 learner's explanation activities were collected(More)
A psychological experiment was conducted to capture the nature of Human-Human and Human-Agent Interactions where humans and computer agents coexist in a collaborative environment. Two factors were manipulated to investigate the influences of the 'schema' about and the 'actual partner' on the characteristics of communication. The first factor, expectation(More)