Yufeng Ma

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  • Shah R. Ali, Rishi R. Parajuli, Yetunde Balogun, Yufeng Ma, Huixin He
  • 2008
Most of the current techniques for in vivo detection of dopamine exploit the ease of oxidation of this compound. The major problem during the detection is the presence of a high concentration of ascorbic acid that is oxidized at nearly the same potential as dopamine on bare electrodes. Furthermore, the oxidation product of dopamine reacts with ascorbic acid(More)
In this paper, we investigated the self-assembly and fractal feature of chitosan and Ag (I), Cu (II)-chitosan due to the theoretical and practical importance of chitosan in biomedical engineering, biomaterials and environmental sciences etc. The self-assembly and fractal structures of chitosan and Ag (I), Cu (II)-chitosan were observed using atomic force(More)
Multiple-channels data from satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles images have gained much attention. An advanced approach used in the advanced orbiting systems is to divide the space channels into multiple-channels, called virtual channels (VC), which are scheduled according to a special mechanism achieved through the feature learning of on-satellite(More)
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