Yufeng Ma

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—Scarcity of the spectrum resource and mobility of users make Quality-of-Service (QoS) provision a critical issue in wireless networks. This paper presents a fuzzy call admission control scheme to meet the requirement of the QoS. It searches automatically the optimal number of the guard channels in a base station to make an effective use of resource and(More)
Multiple-channels data from satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles images have gained much attention. An advanced approach used in the advanced orbiting systems is to divide the space channels into multiple-channels, called virtual channels (VC), which are scheduled according to a special mechanism achieved through the feature learning of on-satellite(More)
With the emerging of various online video platforms like Youtube, Youku and LeTV, online movie reviews become more and more important both for movie viewers and producers. As a result, automatically classifying reviews according to different requirements evolves as a popular research topic and is very essential in our daily life. In this paper, we focused(More)
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