Yufeng Luo

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In this paper, we studied the semantic consistency maintenance issue between heterogeneous contexts, that is, how a firm' business process of one e-marketplace can be transformed to another firm's business process of another e-marketplace in a semantically consistent way. The proposed solution of this paper uses XML Product Map (XPM) of collaborative(More)
Non-point source (NPS) pollution from agricultural drainage has aroused widespread concerns throughout the world due to its contribution to eutrophication of water bodies. To remove nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) from agricultural drainage in situ, a Paddy Eco-ditch and Wetland System (PEDWS) was designed and built based on the characteristics of the(More)
When developing hotel information platform, the service providers face an important issue, how to attract more hotels to join in their platform without significantly increasing integration cost but maintaining effective information integration? This paper considers the issue in two aspects of business integration policy and technology support, which bring(More)
We propose an electrostatics-based placement algorithm for large-scale mixed-size circuits (ePlace-MS). ePlace-MS is generalized, flat, analytic and nonlinear. The density modeling method eDensity is extended to handle the mixed-size placement. We conduct detailed analysis on the correctness of the gradient formulation and the numerical solution, as well as(More)
The paper describe a detailed study into the object-oriented design and implementation of distributed and parallel computing environment for the forward kinematics analysis of parallel manipulator on desktop computers cluster using message passing while communication are needed among related computing nodes. The solution routines were blind to whether the(More)
Rice paddies are artificial wetlands that supply people with food and provide wildlife with habitats, breeding areas, shelters, feeding grounds and other services, and rice paddies play an important part in agricultural ecological systems. However, modern agricultural practices with large-scale intensive farming have significantly accelerated the(More)
A novel and simple strategy is developed to construct ultralight and 3D pure carbon nanotube (CNT) aerogels by the spontaneous expansion of superaligned CNT films soaked in a piranha (mixed H2 SO4 and H2 O2 ) solution, followed by cryodesiccation. The macroscopic CNT aerogels have an extremely low apparent density (0.12 mg cm-3 ), ultrahigh porosity(More)
—A new microstrip ultra-wideband (UWB) bandpass filter (BPF) with dual sharply rejected notched bands based on E-shaped resonator is proposed in this paper. The basic UWB BPF is designed using two microstrip interdigital coupled lines and one rectangular patch multiple-mode resonator (MMR). Then, to achieve dual band-notched performance, the proposed(More)
Orthogonal tests with mixed levels of design parameters of a free water surface flow constructed wetland were performed to assess their effect on hydraulic and treatment performance, and discover the relationship between the design parameters and the two performances. The results showed that water depth, plant spacing, and layout of in- and outlet mainly(More)