Yufeng Luo

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To reveal the influence of non-flooding controlled irrigation (NFI) on gaseous nitrogen (N) losses in forms of ammonia volatilization (AV) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from high N inputs rice paddies, lysimeter experiments were conducted with flooding irrigation (FI) as check. Compared with FI paddies, AV losses in NFI paddies decreased by 18.5–20.5 %(More)
In this paper, we studied the semantic consistency maintenance issue between heterogeneous contexts, that is, how a firm' business process of one e-marketplace can be transformed to another firm's business process of another e-marketplace in a semantically consistent way. The proposed solution of this paper uses XML Product Map (XPM) of collaborative(More)
—We propose eP lace-M S, an electrostatics based placement algorithm for large-scale mixed-size circuits. ePlace-MS is generalized, flat, analytic and nonlinear. The density modeling method eDensity is extended to handle the mixed-size placement. We conduct detailed analysis on the correctness of the gradient formulation and the numerical solution, as well(More)
Keywords: Neural networks Evapotranspiration forecast Near-future irrigation Restricted weather messages Crop water demand a b s t r a c t Near-future irrigation demand forecasting is important information for anticipating decisions on crop irrigation scheduling and planning water allocation in large irrigation command areas of Texas. The key determinant(More)
Rice paddies are artificial wetlands that supply people with food and provide wildlife with habitats, breeding areas, shelters, feeding grounds and other services, and rice paddies play an important part in agricultural ecological systems. However, modern agricultural practices with large-scale intensive farming have significantly accelerated the(More)
An ex post facto investigation of the effects of climate change on rice production over the past few decades will be helpful for planning future climate change. Here, a simulation study was carried out to evaluate the impacts of climate change on the yields, irrigation requirements, and water productivity of rice in Kaifeng, China from 1951 to 2010. The(More)
Mapping relation between mechanism topological structure and its output POC (position and orientation characteristic) is discovered in this paper. The main contents include: symbolic representation of mechanism topological structure; matrix representation of mechanism output POC; POC equations of serial and parallel mechanisms and rules for their symbolic(More)
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