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In this paper we describe a scalable algorithm for the simultaneous mapping and localization (SLAM) problem. SLAM is the problem of acquiring a map of a static environment with a mobile robot. The vast majority of SLAM algorithms are based on the extended Kalman filter (EKF). In this paper we advocate an algorithm that relies on the dual of the EKF, the(More)
The support vector machine (SVM) has been widely applied for classification problems in both machine learning and statistics. Despite its popularity, however, SVM has some drawbacks in certain situations. In particular, the SVM classifier can be very sensitive to outliers in the training sample. Moreover, the number of support vectors (SVs) can be very(More)
The major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transporters are an ancient and widespread family of secondary active transporters. In Escherichia coli, the uptake of l-fucose, a source of carbon for microorganisms, is mediated by an MFS proton symporter, FucP. Despite intensive study of the MFS transporters, atomic structure information is only available on three(More)
Quantitative structures of the fully hydrated fluid phases of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) and dilauroylphosphatidylcholine (DLPC) were obtained at 30 degrees C. Data for the relative form factors F(q(z)) for DMPC were obtained using a combination of four methods. 1), Volumetric data provided F(0). 2), Diffuse x-ray scattering from oriented stacks(More)
The structure of fully hydrated gel phase dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine lipid bilayers was obtained at 10 degrees C. Oriented lipid multilayers were used to obtain high signal-to-noise intensity data. The chain tilt angle and an estimate of the methylene electron density were obtained from wide angle reflections. The chain tilt angle is measured to be 32.3(More)
The Support Vector Machine (SVM) has become one of the most popular machine learning techniques in recent years. The success of the SVM is mostly due to its elegant margin concept and theory in binary classification. Generalization to the multicategory setting, however, is not trivial. There are a number of different multicategory extensions of the SVM in(More)
Mutations in the genes encoding isocitrate dehydrogenase, IDH1 and IDH2, have been reported in gliomas, myeloid leukemias, chondrosarcomas and thyroid cancer. We discovered IDH1 and IDH2 mutations in 34 of 326 (10%) intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas. Tumor with mutations in IDH1 or IDH2 had lower 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and higher 5-methylcytosine levels, as(More)
This paper describes an algorithm for generating compact 3D models of indoor environments with mobile robots. Our algorithm employs the expectation maximization algorithm to fit a lowcomplexity planar model to 3D data collected by range finders and a panoramic camera. The complexity of the model is determined during model fitting, by incrementally adding(More)