Yufeng Jessie Hsu

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The regulation of yolk storage in oocytes and subsequent utilization in embryos is critical for embryogenesis. In sea urchins, the major yolk protein is made in the intestines, transported to the ovaries and accumulated in developing oocytes within membrane-bound vesicles comprising approximately 10% of the mass of an egg. Here, a non-yolk protein that(More)
  • Xiaoming Liu, Xiaoming bullet, Tsuhan Liu, Susan M Chen, Thornton, B V K Chen +5 others
  • 2004
Researchers have been working on human face recognition for decades. Face recognition is hard due to different types of variations in face images, such as pose, illumination and expression, among which pose variation is the hardest one to deal with. To improve face recognition, this thesis presents an integrated approach to performing pose robust(More)
  • W f chang, J n ng, C S Chang, M H Hsu, W S Hu, J J Lin +18 others
  • 2006
Charged lepton electric dipole moments from TeV scale right-handed neutrinos " arXiv:hep-ph/0411201. W.~F.~Chang and J.~N.~Ng, " Phenomenology of a 5D orbifold SU(3)W unification model " Phys. on Pb Quantum Islands " Jpn.
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