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Adiponectin is a multifunctional adipokine with insulin-sensitizing, anti-inflammatory, and vasoprotective properties. Epidemiology studies have, however, shown that high levels of serum adiponectin are associated with kidney disease progression. We, therefore, examined the effect of adiponectin administration on the progression of glomerulosclerosis in the(More)
Although elevated plasma prorenin levels are commonly found in diabetic patients and correlate with microvascular complications, the pathological role of these increases, if any, remains unclear. Prorenin/renin binding to the prorenin/renin receptor [(p)RR] enhances the efficiency of angiotensinogen cleavage by renin and unmasks prorenin catalytic activity.(More)
BACKGROUND In observational studies, higher uric acid levels are associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and kidney disease. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to examine whether reduction of plasma uric acid with febuxostat, a xanthine oxido reductase inhibitor, impacts adipose tissue oxidative stress, adipokines, and markers of systemic(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammation is considered one of the major causes of protein-energy wasting in maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients. It is unclear whether dietary interventions can impact nutritional status and quality of life in MHD patients with elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. Therefore, we examined the hypothesis that supervised intra-dialysis(More)
Nrf2 expression. These results suggest that IDS-T2DM induces testicular cell death presumably through caspase-8 activation and mitochondria-mediated cell death pathways, and also by significantly down-regulating testicular Nrf2 expression and function. SFN up-regulates testicular Nrf2 expression, and its target antioxidant expression, which was associated(More)
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