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There are many different methods used by classification tree algorithms when missing data occur in the predictors, but few studies have been done comparing their appropriateness and performance. This paper provides both analytic and Monte Carlo evidence regarding the effectiveness of six popular missing data methods for classification trees applied to(More)
The maintenance integration information model is the basis of maintenance simulation, maintenance process plan and maintenance data management. A product maintenance integration model is put forward by integrating product 3D solid model and attribute file in this paper. The product maintenance integration model is composed of geometry feature, precision(More)
Objective. To investigate the inhibitory effect of ethyl acetate extracts of Impatiens balsamina L. on prostate cancer cells. Methods. Impatiens balsamina L. was extracted to get water, ethanol, oil ether, ethyl acetate, and butanol extracts. CCK-8 assay was used to detect the inhibitory effect. Apoptosis rates and cell cycle distribution were detected by(More)
For resolving the problem of conflict solution case reasoning in collaborative design, this paper presents a rough set-based conflict solution case retrieval strategy, and gives the method and algorithm to computing the weight and reduction of the case feature attribute by applying rough set theory. The reduction result is taken as the index of the case(More)
Rotor is the most important part of steam turbine; its properties affect the steam turbine safety and steady directly. The steam turbine rotor of remote fault diagnosis system based on BP neural network is proposed in this paper. Wavelet analysis and BP neural network are used to carry out fault diagnosis of steam turbine rotor. The mobile Internet(More)
The actualization of the manufacturing grid (MGrid) needs the supporting of manufacturing resources information model (MRIM) and its application systems. The manufacturing resources information (MRI) in MGrid, which is established upon heterogeneous systems environment, is dynamic and unstructured, and the content of it is various. But the MRIM established(More)
A multi-user stream turbine virtual maintenance training system framework is put forward in this paper. It includes virtual object layer, data management layer and network layer. Maintenance process model to support stream turbine maintenance and maintenance train is given. An Equation to calculate the time of the whole maintenance process is given. A(More)