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Ken H. Guo is an assistant professor of accounting in the college of Business at Western New England university. He holds a B.a. in economics (Zhejiang university), an M.Sc. in business (university of British columbia), and a Ph.D. in information systems (McMaster university). He is a certified management accountant (British columbia, canada). His research(More)
[Collaboration is a recent trend in supply chain management (SCM) that focuses on joint planning, coordination, and process integration between suppliers, customers, and other partners in a supply chain. Its competitive benefits include cost reductions and increased return on assets, and increased reliability and responsiveness to market needs. Recent(More)
The challenge for the World Wide Web user is to discover and rediscover useful information from very rich but also very diversified sources in the Web environment. The Web browser is a key interface to facilitate Web information access. In this paper, a framework is proposed to identify and investigate key factors that determine the Web browser's ability to(More)