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End users are said to be “the weakest link” in information systems (IS) security management in the workplace. they often knowingly engage in certain insecure uses of IS and violate security policies without malicious intentions. Few studies, however, have examined end user motivation to engage in such behavior. to fill this research gap, in the present(More)
The rapid growth in the use of wireless communication and portable devices has created a potential for a variety of mobile work support. However, few studies have explored the nature of mobile work, examined the needs for its support, and identified the appropriate support for various kinds of work in mobile contexts. In our study, amobile taskmodelwas(More)
[Collaboration is a recent trend in supply chain management (SCM) that focuses on joint planning, coordination, and process integration between suppliers, customers, and other partners in a supply chain. Its competitive benefits include cost reductions and increased return on assets, and increased reliability and responsiveness to market needs. Recent(More)
Authors Competitive Strategy Measures Information Systems Measures Strategic Fit of IS Measures Insights for Measuring Strategic Fit of IS Utility for Measuring Strategic Fit of IS Chan et al. (1997) • Respondents rate how well they agree to statements from Venkatraman’s (1989b) 6-dimension business strategic orientation (STROBE) measure of aggressiveness,(More)