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There are many aspects that have to be considered during planning phase of 3G networks. Some of the most important factors are: quality of service (QoS), cost of implementation and provisioning, traffic coverage ratio, and resource utilization. This paper analyzes planning aspects of 3G mobile radio network deployment and proposes optimization models which(More)
This paper proposes an efficient constraint-based optimization model for the design of 3G mobile networks, such as universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS). The model concerns about finding a set of sites for locating radio network controllers (RNCs) from a set of pre-defined candidate sites, and at the same time optimally assigning node Bs to the(More)
This thesis provides a background of the high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) concept; a new feature which has been introduced in the Release 5 specifications of the 3GPP WCDMA/UTRA-FDD standards. In order to emphasize the theoretical analysis, a simulation of a HSDPA system shall also be performed. To support an evolution towards more sophisticated(More)
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