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A new Maldane species and a new Maldaninae genus and species (Maldanidae, Annelida) from coastal waters of China
Abstract Paramaldane, new genus, with type species Paramaldane glandicincta sp. n., and Maldane adunca sp. n. (Maldanidae, Polychaeta) are described based on material from the coast of south China.Expand
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Spatiotemporal patterns of the macrofaunal community structure in the East China Sea, off the coast of Zhejiang, China, and the impact of the Kuroshio Branch Current
The Kuroshio Current intrudes in the bottom layer of the East China Sea continental shelf from the northeast of Taiwan via two bottom branches named the Nearshore Kuroshio Branch Current (NKBC, alongExpand
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Branchinotogluma bipapillata n. sp., a new branchiate scale worm (Annelida: Polynoidae) from two hydrothermal fields on the Southwest Indian Ridge.
A new species of Branchinotogluma, found at two hydrothermal vent fields on Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge, is described herein. It can be distinguished from its congeners by the small acicular lobe onExpand
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Cloud detection for high-resolution remote-sensing images of urban areas using colour and edge features based on dual-colour models
A cloud detection method based on dual-colour space is proposed based on the analysis of a large number of cloudy high-resolution remote-sensing images. Expand
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Sabaco sinicus, a new species of Maldanidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Chinese coast waters
Sabaco sinicus sp. nov. is described based on material collected from Chinese coast. It has been misidentified as Asychis gangeticus Fauvel, 1932 since Uschakov and Wu (1962). Here, we recognized itExpand
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A new species of Phyllochaetopterus Grube, 1863 (Polychaeta: Chaetopteridae) from Hainan Island, South China Sea
  • Yueyun Wang, X. Li
  • Biology
  • Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
  • 25 February 2017
Phyllochaetopterus species are widely distributed on the coast of China. Here, Phyllochaetopterus hainanensis n. sp., a new species collected from Hainan Island (China), is reported. It isExpand
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A high fidelity haze removal algorithm for optical satellite images using progressive transmission estimation based on the dark channel prior
A high fidelity haze removal algorithm is proposed for optical satellite images by using progressive transmission estimation based on the dark channel prior. Expand
Two new records of Spiochaetopterus Sars, 1856 (Chaetopteridae, Polychaeta) from Chinese waters
The present paper records two chaetopterid species, Spiochaetopterus koreana and S. sanbanzensis not reported previously from China Seas. Spiochaetopterus koreana is distributed in the Yellow, EastExpand
Catalogue of Polychaete species (Annelida) described from China Seas during 2008–2017
China Seas are one of the most diverse regions in the Pacific. Though much effort has been made to explore its biodiversity, the polychaetes diversity is still poorly known. A large number of speciesExpand