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In frequency domain blind source separation (FDBSS), separated frequency bin data in the same source must be grouped together before outputting the final result, which is the well-known permutation problem. Clustering techniques are broadly used in solving the permutation problem, however, some challenges still exist, for example, elongated datasets should(More)
In this paper we prove the convergence of a nite volume scheme to the solution of a Stefan problem, namely the nonlinear diiusion equation ut ?'(u) = v, together with a homogeneous Neumann boundary condition and an initial condition. This is done by means of a priori estimates in L 1 and use of Kolmogorov's theorem on relative compactness of subsets of L 2 .
Vehicle emits sounds as it travels along the road, which can be used for traffic monitoring. In this paper, an acoustic based traffic monitoring system is designed and implemented. The system utilizes a cross microphone array to collect road-side acoustic signals. Then, lane positions are automatically detected by the built-in lane detection module.(More)
A vehicle emits sound as it travels along the road, which can be used as a kind of robust feature for traffic monitoring. In this paper, an acoustic-based lane detection approach is introduced for a multilane traffic monitoring system. First, a microphone array is designed according to a typical Chinese highway configuration. The design is based on the(More)
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