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BACKGROUND Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to human diseases. Most common diseases are influenced by a large number of genetic and environmental factors, most of which individually have only a modest effect on the disease. Though genetic contributions are relatively well characterized for some monogenetic diseases, there has been no effort(More)
It is challenging to distinguish benign from malignant thyroid nodules on high resolution ultrasound. Many ultrasound features have been studied individually as predictors for thyroid malignancy, none with a high degree of accuracy, and there is no consistent vocabulary used to describe the features. Our hypothesis is that a standard vocabulary will advance(More)
Thyroid nodules are a common, yet challenging clinical problem. The vast majority of these nodules are benign; however, deciding which nodule should undergo biopsy is difficult because the imaging appearance of benign and malignant thyroid nodules overlap. High resolution ultrasound is the primary imaging modality for evaluating thyroid nodules. Many(More)
3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This symposium would not have been possible without help from many people and organizations, both financial and in the donation of peoples' time. We'd like to acknowledge the Biomedical Information Technology at Stanford (BITS) faculty group for the initial idea of creating this symposium and for their suggestions in various aspects of(More)
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