Yueyao Wang

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In this study, we demonstrate that hydrothermally synthesized FeS2 (syn-FeS2) is highly efficient at catalyzing the H2O2 decomposition for alachlor degradation at a wide range of initial pH (3.2-9.2). The alachlor degradation rate of syn-FeS2 heterogeneous Fenton system was almost 55 times that of its commercial pyrite (com-FeS2) counterpart at an initial(More)
The 2017 CLEF eHeath Task2 requires to rank the retrieval results given by medical database. The purpose is to reduce efforts that experts devote to finding indeed relevant documents. We utilize a customized Learning-to-Rank model to re-rank the retrieval result. Additionally, we adopt word2vec to represent queries and documents and compute the relevant(More)
The CLEF eHealth 2016 Task 1 is set to automatically assign pre-defined medical tag to each word in the patient case records. The difficulty of the task is that many classes have little training data. This paper presents our work on the 2016 CLEF eHealth Task 1. In particular, we propose an optimized Conditional Random Field algorithm to better fulfill the(More)
The 2016 CLEF eHealth Task 3 aims to evaluation the effectiveness of information retrieval systems when searching for health content on the web. The ClueWeb12 B13 data set is utilized in this task. This paper presents our work on the 2016 CLEF eHealth Task 3. We propose a Web-based query expansion method and a combination method to better understand and(More)
In this paper, we present our work in TREC 2016 Clinical Decision Support Track. Among five submitted runs, two of them are based on summary topics and the others on note topics. In summary version run, we expand the original text with external data on web. Note topics are much longer than the summary, which contain a significant number of medical(More)
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