Yueyang Chen

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In this paper, a robust blind extracting audio watermarking scheme based on Improved Spread Spectrum (ISS) and Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) is proposed. The frequency of direct spread spectrum sequence signal is reduced to limit its bandwidth, and then modulated to a higher frequency band with QPSK so as to lower the influence of watermarking to(More)
Process modeling and understanding are fundamental for advanced human-computer interfaces and automation systems. Most recent research has focused on activity recognition, but little has been done on sensor-based detection of process progress. We introduce a real-time, sensor-based system for modeling, recognizing and estimating the progress of a work(More)
Runtime reconfigurable FFT processors on scale of data frame samples are being concerned and designed. A novel solution based on the reusable butterfly core is proposed for achievement of reconfigurable FFT processors. An alternative mixed fabric in radix-4 and radix-2 is applied to the proposed butterfly core. Parallel in-place memory access rule is(More)
A common source single-ended distributed amplifier using 0.18-µm CMOS technology is presented in this paper. The four-stage DA demonstrates a relatively flat gain of 9.0 dB from 3.1GHz to 12.5GHz with less than 1.0dB ripple and a unity-gain bandwidth of 25.5GHz while the minimum value of noise figure is 3.6dB at 6.9GHz. Staggering technique is used(More)
Dynamic early warning makes great sense for oil management to keep safety and stability of oil production. In this paper, we derive the production regression model, predict production with 10 oil parameters based on Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (Lasso) and Least Angle Regression (LARS) methods. The 10 most relevant oil parameters are(More)
We present a method for activity recognition that first estimates the activity performer's location and uses it with input data for activity recognition. Existing approaches directly take video frames or entire video for feature extraction and recognition, and treat the classifier as a black box. Our method first locates the activities in each input video(More)
Oil is essential to our life mainly in transportation, and thus the productivity of oil well is very important. Classification of oil wells can make it easier to manage wells to ensure good oil productivity. Machine learning is an emerging technology of analyzing data in which cluster is a good way to do classification. The paper will apply two kinds of(More)