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Aims. We study the stellar population of local infrared galaxies, which contain star-forming galaxies, composite galaxies, LINERs, and Seyfert 2s. We also want to find whether infrared luminosity and spectral class have any effect on their stellar populations. Methods. The sample galaxies are selected from the main galaxy sample of SDSS-DR4 and then(More)
The population, methanogenic activities and dominant species of methanogenic bacteria in paddy rice soils under different conditions were studied. Application of fertilizer, especially organic manure and submergence with deep water increased the population and methanogenic activities of methanogenic bacteria in rice soils. No large differences was observed(More)
The signaling of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is essential for the maintenance of normal cellular function. However, whether and how ROS regulate stem cells are unclear. Here, we demonstrate that, in transgenic mice expressing the human manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) gene, a scavenger of ROS in mitochondria, the number and function of mouse(More)
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