Yuexing Xin

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Cell membranes from etiolated Pisum sativum (pea) tissues were separated by ultracentrifugation on linear sucrose density gradients and assayed for membrane marker and glycosyltransferase activity. Membrane fractions were shown to incorporate glucose from UDP-D-[14C]glucose into polysaccharides with glycosyl linkages consistent with synthesis of xyloglucan.(More)
Frog egg-like bodies (FELBs), novel somatic embryogenesis (SE) structures first observed in Solanum nigrum, were induced in Rorippa indica. NaCl-mediated salt and mannitol-mimicked drought stresses induced FELBs in R. indica, which is very different from the induction by plant growth regulators (PGRs) under low light condition that was used in S. nigrum(More)
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