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Effective Connectivity in Subjects With Mild Cognitive Impairment as Assessed Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
The decreased effective connectivity levels among brain regions may be a marker of impaired cognitive function in the mild cognitive impairment group.
Self-reported sleep characteristics associated with dementia among rural-dwelling Chinese older adults: a population-based study
Self-reported sleep problems in dementia are characterized by very short or long sleep duration, low sleep efficiency, and excessive daytime sleepiness, especially among young-old people and APOE ε4 carriers.
Self-Reported Sleep Characteristics Associated with Cardiovascular Disease Among Older Adults Living in Rural Eastern China: A Population-Based Study
It is found that sleep problems such as prolonged sleep latency, extreme sleep duration, low sleep efficiency, sleep disturbances, use of sleep medications, poor sleep quality, EDS or high risk for OSA were associated with cardiovascular multimorbidity, but not with a single CVD.
Associations of sleep characteristics with mild cognitive impairment and dementia among Chinese elderly people living in a rural area: A population‐based study
This work aims to determine the associations of various sleep characteristics with MCI and dementia among rural‐dwelling Chinese elderly people.
A study on mild cognitive impairment in elderly retired person
MCI is very hackneyed in elderly retired persons and associated with multiple factors and should be inspected and intervene the elderly population to prevent or delay the development of dementia.