Yuewei Bai

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This paper presents a novel way to develop a software tool for the mechanical 3D animation CAI courseware design in terms of the characteristics and the dedicated requirement of the mechanical major courses teaching. It applies the HOOPS components developed by USA HOOPS Ltd. and using the component as a kernel graphic display engine. The three main(More)
As flexibility and stability become key success factors of a competitive software enterprise, the ability to support the life-cycle decision making of software scheduling, and quality evaluation becomes a critical issue. This research presents a rule-based knowledge system to addresses how software engineering knowledge can be dynamically represented and(More)
Aiming at the optimization of volume minimization, to create the optimized model of spiral bevel helical gear which includes 14 design variables, 14 transmission quality constraints, and discrete modulus values on the basis of genuine engineering examples; to construct mathematic functions with good performance as well as corresponding programs, integrate(More)
On the basis of multiple costumer projects restricted each other in the requirements and resources for the software organizations with complex business workflows, presents an organizational lever requirement management process oriented to multi-projects and the information support system. In the process solutions are framed against the requirements from(More)
Due to the own business characteristics and customer requirements, the risks such as requirement change, unexpected task or resource turnover often arise in small and medium-sized R&D organizations, therefore it is essential for the organizations to set up an organization-oriented organizational process model. The principles and approaches of the(More)
3D parts inspection can be conducted by comparing the ideal design geometry with the real measurement points. Since the design coordinate system is different from the measurement coordinate system, these measurement points should be registered to the design coordinate system first. In this research area, iterative closest point (ICP) is the best-known(More)
The paper presents a dynamic scheduling approach for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). The scheduling approach is implemented based on the negotiation and collaboration between agents in a multi-agent system (MAS) which represents the FMS. Through the collaboration between the agents in the MAS, the system exhibits the behavior that response to the(More)