Yuetao Shi

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Accumulation of small particles is beneficial for dust removal. We have carried out experiments to investigate the influences of flue gas properties, especially temperature, humidity, sulfuric acid, and dust concentrations, on ash particle accumulation. The ash used was collected from an electric precipitator of a coal-fired power station. It is found that(More)
Pathways to wafer and chip-scale ion beam guidance is demonstrated for the first time, with the use of lateral electric fields only. Ar<sup>+</sup> ions of &#x223C;2keV are shown to be guided and bent along a curved path to realize a 90&#x00B0; turn, in silicon micro-fabricated channels of radius 1-mm and 2mm respectively and on printed circuit boards of(More)
In this study, experiments and analyses have been carried out to investigate the influences of denitrification and flue gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) on ash particles adhesion force. With use of a denitrification system, it is found that the ash particles adhesion force is strongly influenced by the mass ratio, R, of (NH4)HSO4 to ash. Three(More)
A thermal-state model experimental study was performed in lab to investigate the thermal performance of a wet cooling tower with different kinds of filling layout patterns under windless and 0.4 m/s crosswind conditions. In this paper, the contrast analysis was focused on comparing a uniform layout pattern and one kind of optimal non-uniform layout pattern(More)
It is known that particle accumulation is beneficial for dust removal in industry. In order to understand better particle accumulation mechanism, experiments were carried out to analyze the influence of flue gas temperature and humidity on ash accumulation. It is found that the Engineering Acid Dew Temperature (EADT) of flue gas is an important parameter(More)
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