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Modified Weighting Method for Forward-Looking Ring-Annular Arrays
A synthetic phased, ring-annular array is presented that achieves a transmit-receive aperture and on-axis performance comparable to a full aperture disk array. Expand
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A ratiometric and colorimetric probe for detecting Hg2+ based on naphthalimide–rhodamine and its staining function in cell imaging
In this work, a rhodamine derivative was developed as a colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescent probe for Hg2+. It exhibited a highly sensitive fluorescence response toward Hg2+. Importantly,Expand
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Analytical elasto-plastic solution of frost heaving force in cold region tunnels considering transversely isotropic frost heave of surrounding rock
Abstract Numerous cold region tunnels have been constructed in recent decades. To prevent frost damage, problem of frost heaving force calculation is to be solved urgently. During the freezingExpand
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A Study on Evaluation Detection Performance of HF Surface Wave Radar
Different from the conventional microwave radar, HF radar working environment is terrible. There are many factors effect on the detection performance, and most of them associated with the radarExpand
Short-wave line-of-sight detection system ionospheric clutter Analysis and suppression methods
Short-wave Line-of-Sight Radar (HFLSR) is a new type radar detection system, which is used for Stealth Aircraft detection in recent years. The clutter of HFLSR was analyzed in the paper. There areExpand