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The article is mainly about how to employ IC card and mobile phone short messages to construct a convenient and real time information communication platform in the educational field, and to quicken the transmission of educational information so as to realize benefits of communication to education. It introduces the whole schematic design, and the designs of(More)
Energy efficiency and fault-tolerant mechanism are two important issues in the research field of the WSNs. How to build the topological structure to improve the faulttolerant ability and decrease the energy consumption is a puzzle for the researchers. In this paper, we take the complex network as a research instrument and use the scale-free feature to(More)
The survey shows that for the layout environment of wireless network, channel propagation model of wireless network still needs to be improved, especially low altitude propagation channel. In order to effectively study and design any random layout of wireless sensor node on the wild environment, several classic application scenes of wireless network are(More)
Topology control is one of core key factors which can influence performance of wireless-sensor networks (WSN). So how to design topology structure with high reliable and survivability is becoming the important subject on wireless-sensor networks. For the issue, a topology evolution strategy based on scale-free network with energy efficient is proposed.(More)
With the development of VLSI and intelligent technology, the design idea and implementation scheme for real-time new nuclear information processing system are proposed. Based on ARM+WinCE+UART, the portable energy-spectral measurement system can analysis the nuclear signal characteristics from different detectors, to determine the physical nature of(More)
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