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Most P2-type layered oxides exhibit Na(+)/vacancy-ordered superstructures because of strong Na(+)-Na(+) interaction in the alkali metal layer and charge ordering in the transition metal layer. These superstructures evidenced by voltage plateaus in the electrochemical curves limit the Na(+) ion transport kinetics and cycle performance in rechargeable(More)
Tin dioxide (SnO2) is a widely investigated lithium (Li) storage material because of its easy preparation, two-step storage mechanism and high specific capacity for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). In this contribution, a phase-pure cobalt-doped SnO2 (Co/SnO2) and a cobalt and nitrogen co-doped SnO2 (Co-N/SnO2) nanocrystals are prepared to explore their Li(More)
The plastids and mitochondria of the eukaryotic cell are of endosymbiotic origin. These events occurred ~2 billion years ago and produced significant changes in the genomes of the host and the endosymbiont. Previous studies demonstrated that the invasion of land affected plastids and mitochondria differently and that the paths of mitochondrial integration(More)
Lycopene β-cyclase (LCYB) is a key enzyme catalyzing the biosynthesis of β-carotene, the main source of provitamin A. However, there is no documented research about this key cyclase gene’s function and relationship with β-carotene content in wheat. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to clone TaLCYB and characterize its function and relationship(More)
Durum wheat is the second-most widely grown wheat species, and is primarily used in the production of pasta and couscous. The grain utilization of durum wheat is partly related to its very hard kernel texture because of the lack of the D genome and consequentially the Puroindoline genes. Our previous study reported the transformation of durum wheat with the(More)
Avenin-like b proteins may contribute to the viscoelastic properties of wheat dough via inter-chain disulphide bonds, due to their rich cysteine residues. In order to clarify the effect of the avenin-like b proteins on the functional properties of wheat flour, the functional and biochemical properties of wheat flour were analyzed in three transgenic wheat(More)
Epilepsy remains a devastating neurological disorder associated with recurrent, unprovoked, spontaneous epileptic seizures. Current treatments involve seizure suppression using antiepileptic drugs (AEDs); however, many patients remain refractory to current treatments or suffer serious side effects. In view of this continued need for more effective and safer(More)
Although propofol is most commonly known for its general anesthetic properties, at subanesthetic doses, propofol has been effectively used to suppress seizures during refractory status epilepticus, a mechanism, in part, attributed to the inhibition of neuronal sodium channels. In this study, we have designed and synthesized two novel analogs of propofol,(More)
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