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Service integration and supply on-demand coming from cloud computing can significantly improve the utilization of computing resources, reduce power consumption of per service, and effectively avoid the error of computing resources. However, cloud computing is still facing the problem of intrusion tolerance of the cloud computing platform and sensitive data(More)
Ad Hoc network has the characteristics of Construction of the independent network, decentralization, dynamic changes in network topology, limited bandwidth and energy, etc. The introduction of multimedia services proposed QOS multicast routing needs for Ad Hoc network. Most of existent Ad Hoc network QOS multicast routing protocols use determinate routing,(More)
Aiming at the representation and requirement description of grid resource information, this paper introduces the advantages of XML in grid information representation, puts forward a XML-based models for resource representation and requirement description. The resource representation model depicts resource state completely, and the requirement description(More)
This paper presents the concept of a general two degrees-of-freedom space module or TODOM. General TODOM is made up of three basic modules: one link module and two revolving modules. The reliability of the TODOM is improved by mutual backup of the control systems of the two revolving modules. Every revolving module corresponds to one degree-of-freedom(More)
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