Yuesheng Ning

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Design and fabrication of noble metal nanocrystals have attracted much attention due to their wide applications in catalysis, optical detection and biomedicine. However, it still remains a challenge to scale-up the production in a high-quality, low-cost and eco-friendly way. Here we show that single crystalline silver nanobelts grow abundantly on the(More)
Silver is one of the most important materials in plasmonics. Tuning the size of various silver nanostructures has been actively pursued in the last decade. However, silver nanobelt, a typical one-dimensional silver nanostructure, has not been systematically studied as to tuning its size for controllable plasmonic response. Here we show that silver(More)
Cubic silver cages were prepared on monolithic activated carbon (MAC) pre-absorbed with Cl(-), SO4(2-), or PO4(3-) anions. Silver insoluble salts served as templates for the morphosynthesis of silver cages. The silver ions were reduced by reductive functional groups on MAC micropores through a galvanic cell reaction mechanism.
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