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Bayesian Network (BN) is one of the most popular models in data mining technologies. Most of the algorithms of BN structure learning are developed for the centralized datasets, where all the data are gathered into a single computer node. They are often too costly or impractical for learning BN structures from large scale data. Through a simple interface(More)
Echo hiding algorithm is a type of Information hiding technology which has been widely used. This paper introduces the principle and the mathematical model of echo hiding algorithm. Generally, the traditional echo hiding algorithm just allows to hide 180 bits of information in 1 second, in order to increase the hiding capacity, we proposed multiple delayed(More)
Inspired by the fact that online Public Relations (online PR) companies manipulate the online information and confuse people about the truth of information, a novel problem of identifying messages that are controlled by online PR companies is presented. Combined with the knowledge of characteristics of opinion leaders, methods of agenda setting and strategy(More)
With the development of information systems in Internet, user authentication and authorization management gradually become one of the biggest concerns. To solve the problem, this paper presents a role-based PMI authentication model. In the framework of the model we use role specification certificates (RSC) and role assignment certificates (RAC) to achieve(More)
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