Yueqin Liang

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The actions and mechanisms of taurine on vascular contractions have been studied in the isolated porcine coronary artery. Taurine depressed histamine-, serotonin-, KCl- and CaCl(2)-induced contractions in a concentration-dependent manner, with maximal contractions being depressed by 43.4%, 46.2%, 33.3% and 43.3%, respectively. Taurine relaxed arterial rings(More)
To observe and compare the effect of taurine on contractions of aortic rings isolated from normal (NC) and insulin resistance (IR) Sprague–Dawley rats, and to explore its underlying mechanism(s). The IR animal model was made by feeding rats with high fructose diet for 8 weeks. Aortic rings were isolated and suspended in a tissue bath, and tensions were(More)
OBJECTIVE Adenylyl cyclases (ACs) play important role in regulating pancreatic beta cell growth, survival and secretion through the synthesis of cyclic AMP (cAMP). MDL-12,330A and SQ 22536 are two AC inhibitors used widely to establish the role of ACs. The goal of this study was to examine the effects of MDL-12,330A and SQ 22536 on insulin secretion and(More)
Rat renal arterial rings were suspended in organ chambers for isometric tension recording. The effects of propofol on the resting tone, KCl-, norepinephrine (NE)-, serotonin- and thromboxane A(2) analog U46619-induced contractions were observed. The relaxation responses to propofol on KCl-, NE- and U46619-induced contractions were assessed in the absence or(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the vasorelaxant effect of taurine (Tau) in rat aortic rings and the mechanism. METHOD The isolated thoracic aortic rings of male Wistar rats were mounted on the organ bath. The effect of Tau 10, 20, 40, 80 mmol x L(-1) on the rings with endothelium intact or endothelium denuded precontracted by the phenylephrine (1 micromol x(More)
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