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Effects of high temperature on photosynthesis and related gene expression in poplar
BackgroundHigh temperature, whether transitory or constant, causes physiological, biochemical and molecular changes that adversely affect tree growth and productivity by reducing photosynthesis. ToExpand
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Population genomic analysis of gibberellin-responsive long non-coding RNAs in Populus.
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) participate in a wide range of biological processes, but lncRNAs in plants remain largely unknown; in particular, we lack a systematic identification of plant lncRNAsExpand
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Sexual dimorphic floral development in dioecious plants revealed by transcriptome, phytohormone, and DNA methylation analysis in Populus tomentosa
Dioecious plants have evolved sex-specific floral development mechanisms. However, the precise gene expression patterns in dioecious plant flower development remain unclear. Here, we usedExpand
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Variation in Genomic Methylation in Natural Populations of Chinese White Poplar
Background It is thought that methylcytosine can be inherited through meiosis and mitosis, and that epigenetic variation may be under genetic control or correlation may be caused by neutral drift.Expand
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Photosynthetic response to genome methylation affects the growth of Chinese white poplar
Genome methylation plays a key role in regulating gene expression, but limited knowledge exists concerning the link between DNA methylation and economic traits in forest trees. We measuredExpand
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Biochemical, physiological and gene expression analysis reveals sex-specific differences in Populus tomentosa floral development.
The productivity, distribution and population structure of poplar are affected by temperature transitions. Poplar floral buds develop in a fluctuating environment and the molecular basis ofExpand
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Differences of EST-SSR and genomic-SSR markers in assessing genetic diversity in poplar
We analyzed the genetic differences of 16 poplar clones between genomic-SSR and EST-SSR markers. The statistical results show that the average number of alleles detected by genomic-SSR was 4.1,Expand
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Genome-Wide Analysis of Gene Expression in Response to Drought Stress in Populus simonii
Drought tolerance varies considerably in different species of Populus, and is a complex trait, involving the interplay of a vast array of genes. Although Populus simonii is one of the most importantExpand
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Sexual Dimorphism Floral MicroRNA Profiling and Target Gene Expression in Andromonoecious Poplar (Populus tomentosa)
Although the molecular basis of poplar sex-specific flower development remains largely unknown, increasing evidence indicates an essential role for microRNAs (miRNAs). The specific miRNA types andExpand
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Comparison of the physiological effects and transcriptome responses of Populus simonii under different abiotic stresses
In the field, perennial plants such as poplar (Populus spp.) must adapt to simultaneous exposure to various abiotic stresses, which can affect their growth and survival. However, the mechanisms forExpand
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