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Study on dissolved organic carbon in precipitation in Northern China.
Abstract Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) was measured in 483 precipitation samples collected at 10 sites in Northern China from December 2007 to November 2008. The annual volume-weighted mean (VWM)Expand
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Agricultural ammonia emissions in China: reconciling bottom-up and top-down estimates
Abstract. Current estimates of agricultural ammonia (NH3) emissions in China differ by more than a factor of 2, hindering our understanding of their environmental consequences. Here we apply bothExpand
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Size-resolved aerosol trace elements at a rural mountainous site in Northern China: importance of regional transport.
This paper presents an intensive field measurement campaign carried out at the rural mountainous site of Xinglong (960 m a.s.l.) in Northern China during Sep. 3-20 2008. Size-segregated samples wereExpand
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Size-resolved aerosol chemical analysis of extreme haze pollution events during early 2013 in urban Beijing, China.
Using size-resolved filter sampling and chemical characterization, high concentrations of water-soluble ions, carbonaceous species and heavy metals were found in both fine (PM2.1) and coarseExpand
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Trace elements in particulate matter from metropolitan regions of Northern China: Sources, concentrations and size distributions.
Public concerns over airborne trace elements (TEs) in metropolitan areas are increasing, but long-term and multi-site observations of size-resolved aerosol TEs in China are still lacking. Here, weExpand
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Size-resolved source apportionment of particulate matter in urban Beijing during haze and non-haze episodes
Abstract. Additional size-resolved chemical information is needed before the physicochemical characteristics and sources of airborne particles can be understood; however, this information remainsExpand
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Characterization of the size-segregated water-soluble inorganic ions in the Jing-Jin-Ji urban agglomeration: Spatial/temporal variability, size distribution and sources
To investigate the characteristics of aerosols in north China, the samples of water-soluble ions, including anions (F−, Cl−, NO2−, NO3−, SO42−) and cations (NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+) in 8Expand
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Fossil Fuel Combustion-Related Emissions Dominate Atmospheric Ammonia Sources during Severe Haze Episodes: Evidence from (15)N-Stable Isotope in Size-Resolved Aerosol Ammonium.
  • Yuepeng Pan, Shili Tian, +6 authors Yuesi Wang
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Environmental science & technology
  • 15 September 2016
The reduction of ammonia (NH3) emissions is urgently needed due to its role in aerosol nucleation and growth causing haze formation during its conversion into ammonium (NH4(+)). However, the relativeExpand
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Isotopic evidence for enhanced fossil fuel sources of aerosol ammonium in the urban atmosphere.
The sources of aerosol ammonium (NH4+) are of interest because of the potential of NH4+ to impact the Earth's radiative balance, as well as human health and biological diversity. Isotopic sourceExpand
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Atmospheric nitrogen deposition to China: A model analysis on nitrogen budget and critical load exceedance
Abstract We present a national-scale model analysis on the sources and processes of inorganic nitrogen deposition over China using the GEOS-Chem model at 1/2° × 1/3° horizontal resolution. ModelExpand
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