Yuen-Wuu Suen

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1. Internal perfusion voltage-clamp and inside-out patch-clamp techniques were used to study the voltage-dependent H+ currents in snail neurone cell bodies. 2. In whole cells the voltage-activated outward H+ current was measured 60 ms after stepping to +40 mV with an internal pH (pHi) of 5.9 and no internal K+([K+]i = 0), and the delayed K+ current was(More)
In this report, the influence of the intrinsic transitions between bound-to-delocalized states (crossed states or quasicontinuous density of electron-hole states) on photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectra of InAs quantum dots (QDs) was investigated. The InAs QDs were different in size, shape, and number of bound states. Results from the PLE spectroscopy(More)
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