Yuen Poovorawan

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The present study was performed in order to determine prevalence and favored types of video games among altogether 679 primary and secondary school children in Thailand. To that end, the authors distributed questionnaires comprising detailed questions as to demographic data, playing frequency, available location and preferred type of video games among the(More)
Asanee Kawtrakul Frederic Andres Yuen Poovorawan Kinji Ono Chalathip Thumkanon Chavalit Chirarattanachan Thanussak Thanyasiri Nathavit Buranapraphanont Navapat Khantonthong Amarin Deemagarn 1 Computer Engineering Dept. Engineering Faculty, Kasetsart University, THAILAND. ak@ku.ac.th, clt@beethoven.cpe.ku.ac.th National Center for Science Information System,(More)
Hepatitis A virus infection is a world-wide public health problem and commonly found in many developing countries, especially in areas where the infection pattern is changing from hyperendemic to hypoendemic. Due to improvement of living standard, infections during childhood have been deferred towards adulthood. Hepatitis A infection in early childhood is(More)
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