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The present study was performed in order to determine prevalence and favored types of video games among altogether 679 primary and secondary school children in Thailand. To that end, the authors distributed questionnaires comprising detailed questions as to demographic data, playing frequency, available location and preferred type of video games among the(More)
The availability of huge volume of documents in digital form and the explosive growth of the Internet have necessitated intense interest in information retrieval techniques. Improving information searching beyond full text retrieval requires both appropriate document representation and document management. This research project develops a new infrastructure(More)
Morphological diierences between Viet-namese and English not only aaect to translation process in morphological level but also strongly change the structure of translated sentence. Actually, in bilingual dictionary many Vietnamese word entries do not have any equivalent English word and must be translated to English phrases. In this paper we present our(More)
  • Y Poovorawan
  • 1998
Hepatitis A virus infection is a world-wide public health problem and commonly found in many developing countries, especially in areas where the infection pattern is changing from hyperendemic to hypoendemic. Due to improvement of living standard, infections during childhood have been deferred towards adulthood. Hepatitis A infection in early childhood is(More)
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