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We present a video event visualization system that can render steerable 3D views of tracked targets onto a reconstructed 3D site representation. The framework takes object tracking meta-data generated from a multi-camera event tracking system as input and produces an immersive 3D playback as a representation of the observation. This 3D representation can(More)
The impact of mixing speed in three stages-before breakage, during breakage, and after breakage-on re-grown floc properties was investigated by using a non-intrusive optical sampling and digital image analysis technique, respectively. And then, on the basis of different influence extent of mixing speed during each stage on size and structure of re-grown(More)
It is commonly believed that paragangliomas are rare tumors arising from the neural crest-derived chromaffin cells. Although it has been speculated that paraganglioma is related to stem cell origin, there has been lack of direct evidence demonstrating the presence of (neural) stem cells in these tumor tissues. In this study, we found a subgroup of human(More)
The villin/gelsolin/fragmin superfamily is a major group of Ca2+-dependent actin-binding proteins (ABPs) involved in various cellular processes. Members of this superfamily typically possess three or six tandem gelsolin-like (G) domains, and each domain plays a distinct role in actin filament dynamics. Although the activities of most G domains have been(More)
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