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Diffuse optical tomography (DOT) has been used by several groups to assess cerebral hemodynamics of cerebral ischemia in humans and animals. In this study, we combined DOT with an indocyanine green (ICG)-tracking method to achieve interleaved images of cerebral hemodynamics and blood flow index (BFI) using two middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) rat(More)
A numerical method for an inverse problem for an elliptic equation with the running source at multiple positions is presented. The so-called " approximate global convergence " property of this method is proved for the discrete case. The performance of the algorithm is verified on experimental data for Diffusion Optical Tomography. Direct applications are in(More)
In this paper, a novel reconstruction method is presented for Near Infrared (NIR) 2-D imaging to recover optical absorption coefficients from laboratory phantom data. The main body of this work validates a new generation of highly efficient reconstruction algorithms called " Globally Convergent Method " (GCM) based upon actual measurements taken from(More)
BACKGROUND To date, over 150 genetically modified (GM) crops are widely cultivated. To comply with regulations developed for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including labeling policies, many detection methods for GMO identification and quantification have been developed. RESULTS To detect the entrance and exit of unauthorized GM crop events in(More)
Endothelial cell (EC) injury or dysfunction is believed to be mediated at least in part by lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Recent studies have shown that LPS induces apoptosis in different types of endothelium, including HUVEC. Previously we used EOLA1 (endothelial-overexpressed LPS-associated factor 1) cDNA as a bait and performed a yeast two-hybrid screening of(More)
The symbolic-numeric computation has been extensively developed in scientific computing for experimenting mathematics in numerical programs, like in optimization problems and finite element methods. Many software and libraries have been developed to support symbolic-numeric computation especially in the recent years. However, most of the implementations are(More)
F-Ti-MWW was post-synthesized by implanting fluorine species into a Ti-MWW framework through an acid treatment process in the presence of ammonium fluoride. The effects of NH4F addition amount, acid treatment temperature and precursor Ti content were investigated on the incorporation of F species, the zeolite structure and the coordination sites of Ti.(More)
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