Yueliang Zhou

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Wikis' simplicity and flexible nature have begun drawing the attention of teachers and educators, who realize that Wikis facilitate collaborative finding, building, and sharing of knowledge. Knowledge management can enable schools to evolve from bureaucracies forged during an industrial era to educational knowledge ecologies that are prepared to compete in(More)
All-optical switching based on a subwavelength metallic grating structure containing nonlinear optical materials has been proposed and numerically investigated. Metal-dielectric composite material is used in the switching for its larger third-order nonlinear susceptibility (approximately 10(-7)esu) and ultrafast response properties. The calculated(More)
With the fast-growing economy and changing society in China, there has been large-scale development of both regular higher education and distance education in recent years. But we also have to face the challenges of inferior schools, lack of teachers, and lack of understanding about instructional theory and methods. Following world trends, many universities(More)
Organizational knowledge is vital to the realization of goals of organizations. Effective use of this knowledge depends on the selective use of organizational memory. The term organizational memory is concerned with how organizations collect, store, and provide access to experience, skills and know-how. Schools are special organizations in the sense that(More)
Teacher Professional Development (TPD) is the most important means for teacher's individual growth, and it is also an important aspect for students, schools and education development. Based on collaborative learning and activity theories, we built a network teaching and research environment, taken the learning activities as a core and using the personal(More)
Through the analysis of the current problems with building of special study site, combining with the development and application of current public Internet services, learning Website special study site. The paper takes the website special study site for example, production of teaching web sites with wikispace which is a public Wiki-based managed services to(More)
We report the fabrication and the nonlinear optical properties of Rh-doped BaTiO3 thin films. The films were deposited on SrTiO3 (100) substrates by pulsed-laser deposition. The deposited Rh:BaTiO3 thin films were single phase and c-axis orientation investigated by x-ray diffraction. The films exhibited large nonlinear optical effects, which were determined(More)
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of periodic triangular Au nanoparticle arrays were investigated. We compared the optical nonlinearity of periodic Au nanoparticle arrays with that of the ultra-thin gold film consisting of randomly distributed spheroidal clusters. A pronounced enhancement of the third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility χ((3)) in(More)
Blended learning provides a new idea and method for the university teaching and learning reform. The blending learning course of “Human Learning and Cognition”, which was built mainly on Google collaboration platform (Sites), adopted the Google group, micro-blogging and instant messages to provide learning support services. Taking the learning(More)