Yuelei Yang

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This paper focuses on the experimental investigation of the dynamic characteristic of a liquid-gas (or vapor) interface, which occurs in very small diameter pores. For both Loop Heat Pipes, being developed as a thermal control device for microelectronics in space applications, and the de-watering process in a vibro-separator, the dynamic characteristics of(More)
The discarded fruit and vegetable waste from the consumer and retailer sectors provide a reliable source for ethanol production. In this paper, an ethanol distillation system has been developed to remove the water contents from the original wash that contains only around 15% of the ethanol. The system has an ethanol production capacity of over 100,000(More)
We report on a novel methodology for fabricating multilayer, high aspect ratio, 3D microfluidic structures with through-layer vias that can be bonded between two hard substrates. It is realized by using a plastic plate embedded PDMS stamp in soft lithography to obtain flat and open PDMS structures that can be stacked to form multiplayer 3D microfluidic(More)
This paper focuses on the investigation of the liquid-gas (or vapor) interface, which occurs in very small diameter pores. A mathematical model is built to formulate the movements of a liquid column trapped in a capillary pore. The Navier-Stokes equations are applied to the liquid side with assumed no-slip conditions, while the Young-Laplace equation is(More)
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