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The decoupling control method of permanent-magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) is proposed by using exact linearization via state variable feedback. The exact linearization conditions of multi-input and multi-output are discussed with differential geometry method based on the mathematic model of PMSM. The PMSM linearization and decoupling controller design are(More)
By using the two methods of Lyapunov exponent and power spectra analysis, it is tested and verified that chaotic phenomenon exists in time sequence of distance information that autonomous mobile robot has got from sensors between robots and obstacles. The complexity of path planning for autonomous mobile robot through sensors is explained under dynamic(More)
The non-interacting control method of permanentmagnet synchronous motor(PMSM) is proposed by using exact linearization via state variable feedback. The conditions of exact linearization are discussed with differential geometry method based on PMSM mathematic model. The PMSM linearization and non-interacting control design had been completed in the entire(More)
The method of solving the time-delayed parameter difficult choice in controlling chaos was proposed in this paper. The fuzzy control method was applied into chaotic control by time-delayed feedback. The quadrature-axis stator voltage was used as the manipulated variable. The input of the fuzzy controller was the system error. Fuzzy controller searched the(More)
In this paper, an adaptive control technique is applied to controlling the chaotic behavior in thruster motor system for deepwater ocean robot. This chaotic oscillation has a direct impact on the stability, reliability and security of the robot. In addition, the proposed approach is also verified in the way of both flexibility and effectiveness, and a kind(More)
To solve the shortcomings of large dependence on the parameters and need accurate cancellation the dynamic when using exact linearization method to nonlinear system, this paper introduced the Kalman filter to linear decoupling control to observe the load torque change of induction motor. At the same time, use reactive power model based on MRAS to(More)
The direct torque control Based on position sensor less control method and fuzzy controller was carried out aiming at the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) in this paper. To the consideration of electric vehicle space is limited and to reduce the controller size to save space, this paper studied the sensor less control. Hysteresis(More)
This paper provided a novel magnet arrayed permanent magnet synchronous motor with self-starting function and high efficiency. The magnetic pole which is affixed in rotor surface is composed of a number of small array magnetic blocks; its width, height and the interval between arrayed magnets meet a modulation relationship. So magnetic field generated by(More)
This paper analyzed and calculated electromagnetic field and counterbalance force between the permanent magnet thrust plate for a novel permanent magnet axial thrust balance structure in canned motor pump using a numerical method of Ansoft software. Then constructed permanent magnet axial thrust balance experiment device and detected the characteristics of(More)
Based on the N-S and Maxwell equation, a mathematical model describing the arc behavior in SF6 circuit breaker (CB) has been deduced. The effect of Lorentz force, turbulent and physical parameters on the characteristic of arc plasma was considered in the model. Using the finite volume method, the distributions of controlling parameters for arc in SF6(More)