Yuejin Li

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BACKGROUND New simian-human immunodeficiency chimeric viruses with an HIV-1 env (SHIVenv) are critical for studies on HIV pathogenesis, vaccine development, and microbicide testing. Macaques are typically exposed to single CCR5-using SHIVenv which in most instances does not reflect the conditions during acute/early HIV infection (AHI) in humans. Instead of(More)
Converting single-stranded viral RNA into double stranded DNA for integration is an essential step in HIV-1 replication. Initial polymerization of minus-strand DNA is primed from a host derived tRNA, whereas subsequent plus-strand synthesis requires viral primers derived from the 3' and central polypurine tracts (3' and cPPTs). The 5' and 3' termini of(More)
Intersubtype recombination is a powerful driving force for HIV evolution, impacting both HIV-1 diversity within an infected individual and within the global epidemic. This study examines if viral protein function/fitness is the major constraint shaping selection of recombination hotspots in replication-competent HIV-1 progeny. A better understanding of the(More)
Influence of sex hormones and genetic predisposition in Sjogren's syndrome: A new clue to the immunopathogenesis of dry eye disease.  Hennekens CH, Bjorkman DJ. The risks and benefits of prophylactic aspirin in vascular disease and cancer: What's a doctor to do? Clin Invest 2013 (2012) Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 protects human neurons from(More)
Stress-induced voiding (SIV) is investigated in Cu-based, deep-submicron, dual damascene technology. Two failure modes are revealed by TEM failure analysis. For one mode, voids are formed under the via when the via connects a wide metal lead below it. For the via which is instead under a wide metal line, voids are formed right above the via bottom. The void(More)
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