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A practical and effective strategy for loading hydrophobic anticancer agents within the inside and outside oleic acid layer of Rubik-like magnetic nanoassemblies (MNAs) is established. In this strategy, four individual oleic acid-capped iron oxide nanocubes and dioleate-modified polyethylene glycol are assembled into cluster with high drug loading(More)
In order to extract useful features from axle box vibration signals, an exact feature extraction method using the frequency slice wavelet transform (FSWT) is presented. Firstly, the vibration signal is decomposed with the FSWT and the full band of its time-frequency distribution is obtained. After that, time and frequency intervals are chosen to get zoom(More)
Laser displacement sensor (LDS)-based online measuring of the wheel diameter has been widely adopted in engineering for advantages such as noncontact, high efficiency, and high precision. For almost all these online measuring systems, calibration is certainly needed in order to obtain the extrinsic parameters of sensors. A field-based easy-to-operate,(More)
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