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Malicious software, or malware for short, has become a critical security threat to all who rely on the Internet for their daily business, whether they are large organisations or home users. While originating in criminal behaviour, the magnitude and impact of the malware threat are also influenced by the decisions and behaviour of legitimate market players(More)
In a Gaussian graphical model, the conditional independence between two variables are characterized by the corresponding zero entries in the inverse covariance matrix. Maximum likelihood method using the smoothly clipped absolute deviation (SCAD) penalty (Fan and Li, 2001) and the adaptive LASSO penalty (Zou, 2006) have been proposed in literature. In this(More)
Crosstalk is one main problem which leads to false distance measurement and reduces work efficiency of ultrasonic range sensor systems in mobile robots. The reason which results in ultrasonic crosstalk is briefly analyzed. To enhance the SNR (signal noise ratio) and work efficiency, different methods used to avoid ultrasonic crosstalk have been put forward(More)