Yuehong Qiu

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Image filtering is one of the most important parts in the image-processing. It takes much more time to performance the convolution in image filtering on CPU since the computation demanding of image filtering is massive. Contrast to CPU, GPU may be a good way to accelerate the image filtering. CUDA(Compute Unified Device Architecture) is a parallel computing(More)
This thesis proposed 8-bit parallel CRC-32 in order to meet the high throughput of USB3.0. The highest speed of USB3.0 reaches 5G bps. Firstly, we researched the Data Packet structure and the principles of the CRC-32 in the USB3.0 Specification. Secondly, deduced the equation of the 8-bit input data and the CRC-32. Finally, implemented the CRC-32 coding and(More)
With the rapid development of digital technology, the data increased greatly in both static image and dynamic video image. It is noticeable how to decrease the redundant data in order to save or transmit information more efficiently. So the research on image compression becomes more and more important. Using GPU to achieve higher compression ratio has(More)
SIFT (Scale-invariant feature detection) feature has been applied on image registration. However, how to achieve an ideal matching result and reduce the matching time are the most important steps that we study in our work. The original SIFT algorithm is famous for its abundant feature points, but the final keypoints are so excessive that the matching speed(More)
The conflicts between the miniaturization of optical remote sensor and the high resolution force us to build an end-to-end simulation system, and optimize the process of the image acquisition and processing. In this paper, based on the analysis of MTF models of each link in imaging chain, a scientific visualization method of end-to-end optical remote(More)
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