Yuehang Xu

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Accurate modeling of electrothermal effects of GaN electronic devices is critical for reliability design and assessment. In this paper, an electrothermal model for large signal equivalent circuit modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs including self-heating and ambient temperature effects is presented. To accurately describe the effect of ambient temperature, two(More)
In this report, we theoretically and experimentally demonstrates that multipole modes could be excited effectively in dark plasmonic resonators without introducing any other bright resonators at microwave range based on a two-dimensional frequency selective surface (FSS) structure. These excited multipole resonances are closely related to the coupling(More)
This paper presents an accurate analytical surface-potential-based compact model for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for SPICE-like circuit simulation. Considering the important energy level E<sub>0</sub>, an easy-implemented analytical continuous expression for the fermi level position Ef was deduced to obtain the surface potential(SP) &#x03C6;s. Then analytical core(More)
A scalable electrothermal large-signal AlGaN/GaN HEMTs model for both fundamental and multiharmonics is presented based on the modified Angelov model. To obtain accurate scalability of the electrothermal model, a simple empirical expression is proposed for the geometric and power-dissipation-dependent nonlinear thermal resistance <inline-formula> <tex-math(More)
A systematic AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMT physical based numerical model is established in this paper. This model includes field-dependent mobility, polarization effect, interface state, surface state, and traps. The model has been implemented into TCAD Silvaco. And the simulated DC and RF characterization fit the measured results well. The effects of source field(More)
A new large-signal I-V model for GaN HEMT is presented in this paper based on the operational principle of devices and the traditional Angelov nonlinear I-V model. The least squares method and genetic algorithm are used to optimize the parameter extraction, and MATLAB is used to realize it. The simulation result fits well with the measured data, and the(More)
An accurate large-signal GaAs HEMT modeling is very important for microwave and millimeter wave power MMIC amplifier design. This paper presents a complete GaAs HEMT model suitable for ultra-wide band application. The model is realized with an improved drain current (Ids) formulation with self-heating and charge trapping modification. This large-signal GaAs(More)